Happy Independence Day From Topper’s European Floral Design

iStock_55091590_smallIt seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day, and now Independence Day is just around the corner!

Summertime means picnic time as outdoor barbeques, parties, and other social gatherings bring us together to enjoy the great weather and great company of our friends and neighbours.

Blooming Garden Basket by Topper's European Floral Design

Blooming Garden Basket by Topper’s European Floral Design

Are you hosting your own 4th of July party this year? Why not try a contemporary twist on the traditional red, white and blue with some tropical flowers or one-of-a-kind centrepieces for your picnic tables? Let Topper’s European Floral Design help you with all of your flowers and decorations for any special events (indoor or out) that you may be hosting this summer.

If you’re attending a picnic, party, or gathering, we also have a wide selection of plants, gifts and fresh floral designs that make lovely gifts for the host. Surprise them with something unexpected – after all, holidays are for making memories!

Give us a call today at 206-622-6330, and let us help you find something perfect for your special occasion.

-Have a safe and happy 4th, from your friends at Topper’s European Floral Design!


Tropical Flowers are Summertime Treats

Red roses are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day, and tulips are a sure sign of spring, but lush tropical flowers scream summertime like no other flowers can. Tropical flowers add bold color, magnificent height, and curious drama to any setting. These large, exotic flowers effortlessly transform any home or office into a beautiful island oasis.

Besides being easy to care for, these beautiful tropical flowers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are few of our favorites:

qw1Bird of Paradise – Also known as crane flowers, these exotic flowers are native to South Africa and symbolize freedom and magnificence. Inspired by their bright blue and orange flowers fanning from green bracts like a colorful bird in flight, they grow between three and five feet in height and typically have three to five “birds” inside each bract that bloom in succession.

qw2Heliconia – These magnificent tropical beauties feature large vibrant bracts in pink, red, orange, or yellow rising from sturdy towering stalks that can grow up to 20 feet in height. Native to Guyana, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, heliconias symbolize great returns. Unlike bird-of-paradise, heliconias have tiny hidden flowers that won’t emerge from the cut stems – their beauty is in color and silhouette of the dramatic bracts.

qw3Ginger – Native to the Pacific Islands, Malaysia, and Taiwan, ornamental gingers have large cone-shaped blooms that symbolize strength and pride. Although they come in a variety of colors, the red ginger flower is the one most often associated with the tropics. Because of their fragrance and beauty, the ginger flower can often attract bees, butterflies, and a variety of wild birds.

qw4Anthurium – With their large open heart shaped face, anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality and a deep romantic attraction. Originally from Columbia, they were brought to Hawaii in 1889 and have since become virtually synonymous with tropical islands. These lovely red flowers have a long vase life and thrive on the moisture and heat of a tropical environment. Although often seen in red with a bright yellow spadix, they’re also available in white, pink, peach, magenta, and green.

qw5Protea – Named for Proteus, the Greek God who could change his form at will, proteas are an extraordinary group of flowers originally found only in South Africa and Australia. Proteas symbolize transformation, diversity, and courage, they’re available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors – from pin cushions to imperial crowns in white, yellow, orange, and rose to crimson, magenta, and burgundy.

Let Toppers Take You to Paradise
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